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Vivostat A/S is a privately held company headquartered in Medicon Valley in Scandinavia. The company offers a wide range of specialists in product development, quality control and production.
The products are sold through direct sales channels and distributors throughout Europe and Asia, with a focus on cardiac surgery, thoracic and orthopedic surgery. More than 95% of products are exported.

The Vivostat® idea was conceived in 1992 by a group of Danish researchers looking for a simple and fully automated preparation of fibrin sealant in situ and from the patient's blood. Many specialists from three continents have continued to develop the idea and tested the unique character of Vivostat®.

During the development phase, the owner of the intellectual property, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, decided to sell the project Vivostat® and as a natural consequence was founded the company Vivolution A/S. In 2001 Vivolution A/S has launched the Vivostat® System with the product of Vivostat® fibrin sealant , in 2005 has been added to the product line Vivostat PRF® (Platelet Rich Fibrin). In 2008 Vivolution A/S decided to change the company name in Vivostat A/S to give even greater emphasis on the successful brand Vivostat®.

Today, the Vivostat® System has been further developed and a wide range of products Vivostat® are used on a daily basis in many surgical and wound care centers across Europe and Asia.

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